Fanning The Trauma Flames

 Many people have been experiencing a kind of trauma from the circumstances of lockdown and the fear of the virus, which has been spreading like wildfire. Unresolved resentment, guilt and trauma are bubbling up to the surface, and at times, exploding like atomic bombs

I’ve de
finitely experienced the effects of this, but because I’ve been working through trauma for years I've felt like a bit of a war veteran… I felt prepared.
It’s like I’ve been slowly stocking up on canned goo
ds for years and I have a basement full of perishables. But instead of food, my supplies are my well being practices. That’s why I’ve been sharing videos because they're my canned goods, and although I love my food as much as Joey from Friends, I wanted to share

Working through PTSD, trauma, and the resulting anxiety and depression, has helped me get in touch with the unconditional love and peace that is indescribable with words...✨ The expansive feeling that hits us when we see a beautiful sunset, the ethereal feeling that washes over us when we see birds gliding through the clouds ☁️ , that deep knowing we feel in our soul when someone looks into our eyes with compassion... πŸ’•
This feeling is available to all of us at any time, but we've been conditioned to detach from this natural state of wonder.
☺️ Some of the practices i use to access this feeling, this state, more often are:
Dancing (and singing!)
These are just the ones I’ve shared, there are sooo many more that I use and so many I’m yet to try!
These practices trigger a response in the body that helps release tension, fear and resentment from our mind and bodies so we can let go of the past, and be in the present moment. 😌 Sometimes we might think we’re present if we’re controlled or living in our heads, but it's disassociation.
Here are some common elements that each of these practices have:
* They're somatic, they trigger our bodies natural ability to produce chemicals that wash away toxins, trauma and tension πŸ˜…
* They work with the breath, our breath is connected to our life force energy and when our breath is regulated it calms our nervous system and helps us feel peaceful 😌
* They can trigger emotion – crying is very healing as it also helps release toxins and tension from the mind, body and heart
πŸ’œ 😭
So don’t worry if you’ve been feeling like you're in an emotional war zone, things often feel more chaotic before they get better. The pandemic is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the way our emotions, bodies and minds work and acquire more tools in our emotional tool belt. πŸ›  🧰
The current circumstances might be challenging, but in my experience, our challenges are our greatest opportunities for growth, for moving through fear and pain, and connecting more strongly with the love, joy and peace that is within us all.
We Got This ❤️πŸ’ͺ


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