Fun, Easy Meditation

Meditation has helped me (a lot) with the lockdown blues, so I thought I'd share 4 quick tips and some links for anyone who's keen. We're not allowed out, so it's a good time to go within :-)

Growing up people called me a social butterfly πŸ¦‹ because I was constantly socializing & by my 20’s I realized I didn’t like being alone very much. πŸ™ƒ

I couldn’t sit still for long enough to take a bath πŸ› (I thought they were boring!), & one time when I was living in a share house, I came home to find that I was Home Alone & felt so lost... I burst into tears! πŸ˜‚
Even 8 year old Macauley Culkin was more comfortable with his own company than me! πŸ€ͺ

Now I not only love time alone, but I’ve been doing silent meditation marathons almost every year for about 10 years! 25 year old me would think I was soooo boring! But the truth is that meditation has allowed me to have a lot more fun! 🀸🏾‍♀️ πŸŽ‰

Meditation has helped with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, trauma, forgiveness, chronic pain, sleeping issues, addiction etc. etc! and has helped me follow my dreams & create a life I love 🎨

Here are 4 Easy meditation tips and guided meditations to help in this challenging time <3

1. Sing happy birthday to yourself - helps bring us into the present moment!

2. Basic breath awareness technique - Mediation isn’t stopping thoughts, it’s observing & accepting them (not labelling them as "good" or "bad"), & placing attention on the breath (in other meditation techniques you focus on a mantra, sounds, sensations etc.)

3. Awareness & mindfulness throughout the day - Awareness is everything! I say it several times πŸ˜‚ because it’s the most important part, it really is that easy!

4. The 5 minute rule - If you meditate for longer, great, but 5 minutes is plenty!

Here are links to guided meditations:

Guided meditation with Eckhart Tolle:

Worthiness/Self love meditation with Lisa Nichols:

Inner child meditation with Louise Hay:

Meditation for sleep issues:

If you enjoy a cynical, humorous approach:
(I just think it's funny, but it looks like many people find it useful as guided meditation!)

Here’s a link to Vipassana, the silent meditation courses I do:
They have centers all around the world, (they're non religious, but welcome all religions) and run on donation and service! Many people only do one course and say it changed their life forever.

Here's a link to a blog post I wrote in 2012, Medicate or Meditate:

Happy Meditating! 🧘‍♂️ ✌️


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