Yoga At Home Made Easy - Bend and Stretch, Reach for The Stars

The Tao says: If you don’t want to be broken, bend…

Yoga… it’s like… totally mainstream right now! But that’s not why I do it. I do it because it makes me feel good. It completely transformed my life and it can for you too.

Yoga helped me:
* Relieve 10 years of chronic back and hip pain
* Stop smoking and drinking
* Work through trauma
* It's the reason why at 40 I'm much fitter than I was in my 20's
* It gives me the confidence and energy to follow my dreams and work in a career I love!
* It helps me meditate

But telling you about all the benefits isn’t enough, otherwise you’d already be doing it. It might convince you that yoga is worthwhile, but it’s unlikely to make you wake up tomorrow morning and begin a daily yoga routine. I know it didn’t for me.

It took me years of wishing I was one of those annoying early morning people who woke up at the crack of dawn to do yoga every day, before I actually incorporated it into my daily routine.

In order to make change and integrate new patterns, first we need to remove the blocks and limiting beliefs that stop us from doing things that we desire.

So Instead of telling you 4 reasons why yoga is sooooo good, I’m going to speak to 4 of the excuses I had that held me back from doing yoga and maybe you’ll relate and it’ll help you shift your blocks.

Why I thought yoga would never work for me and why it did…

1. I thought I was genetically inflexible!

When I was younger I couldn’t touch my toes. If fact, I couldn’t even sit up straight with my legs out in front of me! I thought I was genetically inflexible, I thought it was something I couldn’t change, especially as I got older…

Now not only can I touch my toes, but I can do a headstand!

How did I do it? By starting slowly and gently, and doing it every day… and watching YouTube videos!

2. I couldn’t keep a regular exercise routine! Or any routine for that matter…

I used to start something new and get all excited in the beginning, but it wouldn’t last. I didn’t finish my hospitality course, my teaching degree… I didn’t have a regular exercise routine for the first 30 years of my life. I didn’t enjoy exercise, so I simply didn’t do it.

It’s now been about 12 years since I first started yoga and 8 years since I first started doing it daily! I’ve been doing yoga (almost) every single morning for 8 years!

I did it inconsistently for a few years before I started doing it every morning and that was a good way to start. The key is to not make it a chore, but to love yourself and your body through it, to do it for fun.

And you don’t have to go to classes to get results - I still do it at home. It’s never too start new habits!

3. Yoga is slow, boring, it’s not technically exercise. In other words: “I don’t like it!”

When I first considered yoga in my mid twenties, I was like… “But that’s not exercise! It’s slow, it’s booooring, it doesn’t feel like you’re doing anything!”

It’s true that slower classes don’t get the heartbeat up that high and we don’t always sweat. But the way yoga aligns our body activates our parasympathetic nervous system, which, makes us feel more relaxed and happy... which leads to wanting to move more!

Yoga is like cracking a glowstick - it opens us up, prepares our body and ignites our motivation for further exercise.

And for the guys who pump iron to impress the ladies… most women prefer a guy who is beautiful on the inside, so stop wasting your time on weights and hit the yoga mat instead.

4. It hurts too much!

If we think that yoga isn’t really doing anything, then… why does it hurt so much?

I had chronic back and hip pain for most of my 20’s, so stretching was pretty painful. It was a very good excuse to not do yoga. When I first started, it hurt so much that I actually cried every time I did it! I cried so much, in fact, that I was too embarrassed to go to classes… so I did it at home on a DVD.

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a cry baby, but apparently this is common - tears, frustration, rage, are some of the lovely emotions we can experience when doing yoga. And this is a good thing! Our bodies hold emotions that haven’t been processed. And when we stretch our body, it helps us release the stuck energy, which reactivates our cells, clears our mind, and works as somatic therapy!

So if you've always had a secret desire to be an annoying yoga enthusiast, if you really want a regular exercise routine, or you simply want to feel good more often, try the work out that doesn’t just give us a healthy body, but healthy minds, emotions, and souls.

If you don’t want to be broken… bend!

* The below video pushed me over the line in terms of starting my daily yoga routine. I thought: “Wow, if he can do it, I got this!”

Here are a few routines:
Qi Yoga (this is the style of yoga I've been doing for 8 years):

Relaxation Yoga (I used this slower one recently for anxiety):


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