Quarantine Dance Party

In every difficulty there is opportunity... today was my 40th birthday and so many lovely people reached out to say they're sorry I'm having to celebrate it in quarantine, but there's really no need to be sorry. Today I had 2 of the most joyful hours of my life, and possibly the best birthday party I've ever had!

All I ever want is for people to be happy, and for 2 hours I got to see the smiling faces of my family, friends and their kids from around the world as we danced together in our living rooms, offices and bedrooms just like we did when we were kids!

We laughed, we sang into hairbrushes and we danced our pandemic pants off! Every time I looked at the screen someone was grinning like an awe struck child and/or doing a seriously groovy dance move!

There's something about busting a move to a 90's boyband tune or an 80's dance hit that makes us forget we're in quarantine and reminds us we're all connected! It just reinforces in this difficult time that we can always find a silver lining and to keep looking for ways to turn challenges into possibilities for more love and joy!

Thanks to the friends who inspired the idea for me to organize this quarantine birthday party, who helped me with the tech and pulling it together last minute, who wore 80's bandanas, make up and hairdos, crazy colorful costumes, brought props (so many guitars! haha), added strobe and colored lights and virtual backgrounds, the amazing 80's themed posters and decorations, poems, singing happy birthday and song requests! For dinners, presents, cards and messages! For making me laugh and cry with joy and just for showing up and being you! Love you all SO MUCH! 
I'll be holding more of these parties, so let me know if you want to join in!
Or hold your own #pandemicparty !

Best. Birthday. Ever! xoxo


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