Australian Bushfires L O V E

A mixture of emotions for so many of us, from sadness, to grief, to helplessness, but I'm getting the sense that many people are remembering to focus on the emotion that makes the most impact... LOVE 

From Celeste Barber raising 50 MILLION dollars (apparently predominantly from small donations!); to people donating their time, homes and resources; to toy Koalas being fastened to poles and fire trucks in NYC; to friends checking in if we're okay... Donations, love and support are flooding in from all around the world, reminding us of the connectedness of humanity, that people really do care.
The way people come together in a crisis is so inspiring. Ideally it wouldn't get to this point, but when it does, it provides an opportunity for change. We're becoming more conscious of our connectedness to nature and to each other: the understanding that every single one of us can make a difference.

This understanding is crucial if we want to move away from war, devastation and self destruction, and toward growth, evolution and harmony.

From the way we treat ourselves, nature, and those around us day to day, to the contribution we make in the world, we're understanding more and more that the antidote to fear and the key to change is always L O V E ❤        

Spread it everywhere you go xoxo

* Disclaimer: I'm not saying fear based emotions should be repressed 😉 When we face them with love, they pass away and can lead to inspired action 


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