Anxiety Relief Resources

Here are some resources I’ve collated for anyone (everyone?) feeling anxious at the moment.  
These resources helped me get through anxiety and panic attacks and I still use them because they ROCK. Let me know if they help and/or if you’re looking for anything specific that I haven’t provided here and I can add to this xo

EFT/TAPPING πŸ‘ - Jennifer Partridge is an Australian gem living in LA, she guides you through the tapping technique with humor, compassion and lots of love.
Watch This one first, as it explains EFT

This guy is also awesome: πŸ‘Œ

If you're looking for an EFT practitioner, PM me, I know a couple of good one both in Australia and the USA 

DANCE - πŸ‘
So much more fun than the gym!

Lower Impact Dance - πŸŽ‰
Jack Marfuggi my fav Plyojam teacher from LA!

Freeform dance πŸ’ƒ-

NATURAL SLEEP SUPPLEMENTS (that actually work!!)
Here are some supplements that helped me a lot when I was experiencing insomnia from panic attacks:
Magnesium (any brand, but the powdered form tends to work better)
Fusion Health, Sleep (I only have to take half a tablet!)
Natrol Advances sleep Melatonin (this one is much more intense, so I recommend it only as a last resort)


Over the phone hypnosis session with Tom McBeth - - this man was my savior! He’s incredibly kind and compassionate and guides you through the sessions with ease and with thorough discussion and assessment beforehand so that you’re comfortable once you go into the hypnosis.



ECKHART (The Power of Now) INSPIRATION πŸ§˜‍♀️-

This music works on a deep energetic level to rebalance and tune us into a calmer frequency:


I’m also offering to hold a free guided heart centred meditation online for anyone who’s feeling anxious at the moment. PM me so I get an idea of how many people and the best platform to facilitate it based on approximate numbers. Sending love xoxo


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