Positivity at Christmas

Positivity gets a bad wrap sometimes and I think it's because of misunderstandings. People call me positive all the time, but I don’t think I’m a “positive person”. The way I see it is that positivity alone is empty if we just say the words, but don’t mean them. Positivity is false if it’s in denial of our pain. The light and the dark is simply love and fear - we all experience both.
I focus as much as I can on love. That’s all. And I see other people do it all the time too! I don’t mean the conditional, expectant kind that we’ve been tricked into thinking is love, I mean unwavering, unconditional love. True love transcends positivity and negativity.

From that place, yes, often positive thoughts spring to mind; yes when I’m feeling disconnected, I listen to, or watch something “positive” to uplift me. I enjoy “positive” content because it reinforces and reminds me of my connectedness to love. And it feels good!

But the heart of positive content is what’s important, the depth. The connected space the artist was in when they created the song, book or film. There is not one rom com that doesn’t have a dark night of the soul (even the bad ones). It’s in these painful moments that we must embrace our darkness. It’s what we do with our darkness, how we interpret it, that denotes our perspective of life.

Can we step back and create space around our pain? Can we accept and embrace it? Can we laugh at it? Most importantly, can we learn from it? And if we’re not ready to do any of this yet, can we love ourselves anyway?

I don’t see myself as a positive person, I see myself as someone who believes we're all the same, who experiences so much love sometimes I feel I could burst, but who has also experienced a lot of pain (who hasn't!). Who, in my conscious moments, and even at times in my darkness, feels deeply connected to the understanding that our true essence, at our very core, we are all love. Even when we forget. And I don’t think that’s positive, I think it’s just the truth.

Merry Christmas! xoxo


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