Love Your Wrinkles

I LOVE WRINKLES! In a town like LA, this is a rebellious sentence! And it’s a sentence I’ve had to work hard to believe... 

A few years ago I set an intention to release my insecurities and soon after, I ended up dating someone who constantly scrutinized, criticized and compared me to other women. (Not the playful, loving banter I enjoy, it was mean spirited).  He confessed that it was his insecurity, so I thought I was secure enough that I wouldn’t take it on. I was wrong...

Over time it affected me. My insecurities were amplified, they blew up like a birthday party balloon turning into a Good Year Blimp.  It was the first time in my life that I entertained thoughts of Botox. I got the opposite of what I asked for (or so I thought)… I felt more insecure than I’d ever felt in my life…

I became so self conscious that I found myself only posting photos that don’t show my wrinkles... but usually the photos that show wrinkles, show the most joy! So… I’m not doing that anymore! 

I've experienced the damage that focussing on external beauty can do to our internal beauty. And it wasn’t pretty! …but coming out the other end, I’m experiencing a security that is stronger than anything I’ve ever felt! 

The truth is, I really like wrinkles, I like the way peoples faces move when they have facial expressions, when they laugh, cry and every little emotion in between! Every little face twitch, every crease, every movement that expresses a feeling. Our faces move like skillful, graceful, vibrant dancers.

Our faces are like photo albums. Our laughter and our tears leave marks on our face… these are our greatest memories. Why would we want to erase them? I like that my full life shows on my face and will only continue to do so.

My wrinkles haven’t spread down my face yet, they bunch up around my eyes like a group of excited little munchkins having a joyous party. Sometimes I wanna say, "Come on guys, break it up, spread out and mingle with the rest of my face" But I don't wanna ruin their fun! 

How do your memories express themselves on your face?

Kiss My *ss Wrinkles!


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