The Mile High Party

Airport Excitement!

Remember when we were kids and even just the idea of going on an airplane was exciting? We'd put our arms out and fly around the room buzzing “Zoom zoom” until we were dizzy... 

Flash forward to adulthood and so many people say they hate flying and they dread the whole process! I get it, the stress of organizing the trip, jet lag, little sleep and all that, but I feel like that’s just the small price we pay for the wonderful opportunity to fly up in the sky!

Wayne Dyer said:

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change”.

When we recapture the child-like excitement of going on a plane it can make the flight so enjoyable that we look forward to going on the plane just as much as the holiday!  

It makes flying feel like a party…

The Mile High Party!

Let’s celebrate 11 of the best perks of the Mile High Party:

1. Airports are like Disneyland!

Airports, just like Disneyland, are magical places where the vibrant, buzzing energy of thousands of people coming together in the one space for a shared purpose is so exciting!

Airports - The (second) happiest place on earth!
Disneyland sets the bar pretty high for the happiest place on earth, but airports can be an adventure too!

Maybe you think "That’s not realistic!  What about the dreaded delays?"  Well, it depends on how we look at it.   Where else do we have long waits?… waiting in line at Disneyland!

The airplane is the ride!  And we can use the waiting time to play games, to catch up on emails, to connect with friends and family.

Just like Disneyland, airports are places where loved ones come together to bond and and to feel the love that, actually, is all around. (sneaky Love Actually reference).

2. Flying is forced relaxation!
Drool all you like!

We always complain about not having enough down time to read, to write, to chill out — and that’s really all we can do on a plane!  So it’s guilt free!

Write that 5 year plan you’ve been putting off, that book you’ve always dreamed of writing, or simply journal… whatever floats your boat!

3. 24/7 Maid Service!
Maid Service meets The Bodyguard!

Ever wanted a maid?  With just the touch of a button a hostess will be right by your side ready to assist you with your every need.  Even in the middle of the night! 

They’re also trained in first aid and self defence - they’re practically nurses and bodyguards!  So lap up the luxury and enjoy being waited on hand and foot, just like royalty! (p.s. be kind to them ;-)

4. Free food and drinks! 

Adjust your plane food 'tude!
Sometimes we crave junk food like McDonalds, but once we’re given processed food for free, we complain about it.

People always say they hate plane food… but what’s not to like? It’s a 4 course meal that we don’t have to cook! It’s really like having our very own personal chef!

5. Shopping! 

We have to get to the airport like 3 hours early, so we may as well use our time wisely! Take advantage of Tax free shopping for overseas trips, do some early christmas shopping, or stock up on souvenirs…
'cause everyone needs a boomerang! 

6. Free Movies!
Mad About Movie Marathons!

Free unlimited movies!!!
Old ones, new ones, TV series!
Enough said! 

7. Music!

When do we ever just sit and listen to music?  Sure, we have it on while we’re doing things around the house, while we’re driving in the car, while we’re dancing in front of the mirror, but just sitting there and listening to music…What a treat!  We can take in each instrument and lyric as the music takes us away!  Up up and away...

8. Make New Friends!

You might sit next to an air marshal!
Where else in the world is it not only appropriate to speak to strangers, but encouraged?  The airport and the airplane, of course!

Have a gab to the stranger next to you... they may turn out to be your long lost cousin, they could be famous, or you just might sit next to your future husband or wife!

9. Sleep!

You can sleep for the whole flight if you feel like it… again, guilt free!  
Not all neck pillows were
created equal!
Take advantage of all the new fandangle neck pillows! When they first came out they were pretty dorky, but with so many different colors and designs to choose from, neck pillows are now considered cool! 

Okay, maybe not all of them...

And if you still have trouble sleeping… What a great opportunity to listen to a guided meditation app, take a natural sleeping tablet, or use drugs.

But if you choose the medication route, be warned, this may happen...

Say no to drugs!
A delirious sleep deprivation high might be preferable after all.

10. A reminder that Anything is possible…

You think space is cramped on a plane? Try this!
Just over a thousand years ago, most people couldn’t even conceive of flying in the sky, they had to travel by sea.
It still takes approximately 40 days to get to Australia on a boat!  

Flight complaints these days consist of long flights, crying babies, cramped spaces…

Back in the day their travel complaints were a little more severe - getting caught in wild storms, scurvy, having their leg cut off by a stray ship rope…

Flying reminds us of how far we’ve come, of what’s possible.  If we can fly, what else can we do?…

View from the top!

11. A Different Perspective 

The sunsets we see up in the clouds are like no other.  30 000 feet up in the air is a decent distance to get some perspective. 

When we look down at the earth we remember just how small we are, just how small our problems are, compared to the vast, magical land we live in...

So next time you find yourself dreading flying, think of it as the Mile High Party and soak up the whole experience…

Because when we change the way we look at flying, the experience of flying changes!

Mile High Party People!

* All images, except for the first one, are from google 


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